Built on its experience as a leading provider of retail foreign exchange (“FX”) trading and research capabilities with timely FX updates, IronFX proudly presents the IronFX Portfolio Management, a uniquely positioned service to create value for its clients through the range of strategies offered.

  • Comprised of a team of highly experienced professionals
  • Offers highly innovative products aimed at producing superior returns with minimal downside risk
  • Research capabilities with timely FX updates
  • Regulated by CySEC
Investment Philosophy
  • Our goal is to manage clients’ assets efficiently and professionally in order to create value and maximize client profits
  • We aim to research, develop and produce investment products with significant upside and minimal downside risk
  • The constant and ongoing assessment of changing market opportunities allows us to adapt our investment strategies and quickly capitalize on the best ideas that meet our investment criteria
  • We have a strong focus towards quantitative models to ensure appropriate risk exposure during our market operations
We currently offer three investment strategies separated by expected returns:

风险提示: 公司产品基于保证金进行交易,存在较高的风险,有可能损失所有的保证金。这些投资交易策略/投资产品并不适合每一个人,适用于有既定的投资目标和一定风险承受能力的客户。客户应该理解并清楚地知道所涉及的风险,并在必要时需求独立意见。

风险警示: 公司产品均属于保证金交易产品,涉及高风险,您可能损失全部本金。这些产品并不适合于每一个人,您应当确保并理解所涉及的风险。